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The Creator


Sweet Sadie's Gourmet Treats was founded in 2015. To better serve the community in 2021 we went through a name change, and now go by the name Sweet Sadie's Desserts. In 2015 the creator, Sade`, found herself homeless with ONLY $100 in her bank account. All she wanted to do was be a full-time mother and raise her 2 children. She knew she had to do something to improve her situation, and there was no way she would give up. She started selling gourmet apples until she got enough money together to get back on her feet, and eventually start her cookie business. The rest is history, and Sweet Sadie's Desserts currently operates as a one woman show with hopes to create an amazing team of bakers and food decorators along the way.  


In the beginning of Sweet Sadie's Desserts’ journey, we specialized in custom desserts such as chocolate covered treats, cupcakes, letter cakes and so much more. As of 2021, we wanted to focus on the goal of developing a specialized niche. In order to differentiate ourselves, we have (invested countless hours into research and product testing? We have poured ourselves into?) worked hard and countless hours perfecting the finest cheesecake and cookies in Canton, Ohio. Sweet Sadie's Desserts now specializes in handcrafted gourmet cheesecakes and ultra-premium cookies. These cookies weigh in at 6 oz per cookie!! Not your average cookie weighs that much. The motto here is Real Flavors. Real Love. We absolutely love putting flavors together!!​ 

Sweet Sadie's Desserts is always sharpening their skills by attending trade shows and learning from the top bakers in the industry.

We carry a manages certificate with ServSafe certified with COVID-19 updates & also carry two licenses with the state of Ohio. One being a Home Bakers License and the other is a Commercial license. 

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