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How to order?

Seasonal Menu! We have 4 menus that we rotate seasonally. Our seasonal menus allow our clients to experience the Real Flavors and Real Love we put into our products. Our weekly menu ordering is available Monday 3 pm-Thursday 11:59 pm Eastern Standard time on our website.

Custom Cakes! We love custom cake orders! If you are interested in ordering a custom cake, please give us a call at (234) 410-0417. At this time we are only able to create 2-layer Number and Letter Cakes and 1 Tier 3-4 layers cakes. We have plenty of flavors to choose from. We do ask for a 2-4 week notice in advance. We encourage early ordering. We are not licensed to create character cakes (Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.) At this time we do not offer Nolvalty cakes.

Cake Testing! Yes, we can! Call us at (234) 410-0417   to schedule your tasting. Clients choose 3 different cake flavors and 3 flavors of American buttercream or whipped icing. $75 cost & $25 will go towards the deposit. You are more than welcome to take extras home to enjoy later or share with someone you love.

Whole Cheesecakes! Please give us a call at (234) 410-0417. We ask that we have a 7-day advancement to create your gourmet cheesecake.  Cheesecake sizes are "6", "8", and "10" inches.  Our Cheesecakes are seasonal but we will always carry our "Madear" cheesecake year around.

Do we Delivery?

Weekly pick-up times & locations will be sent to our clients via email, as they place their orders online. This may take up to 48 hours. For weekly menus, our current pick, the day is Saturday ONLY.

Custom Cakes We cherish the artwork and the time we put into our client's cakes, we have a preference to deliver our client's custom cake to the location of their choice, as we go up to 20 miles out from our location. Delivery time will be sent to clients in an email. The delivery location depends on the client and that will also be in the email. There will be a delivery cost associated with custom cakes.

Whole Cheesecakes Pickup time & location will be sent to our clients via email. There will be a delivery cost associated with cheesecakes if the client wants the cheesecake delivered.

Shipping We ship our "over the top" cookies in ALL 50 states. We ONLY ship by 1/2 a dozen & by the dozen. Cookie flavors are based on flavors of the season. Our gourmet cheesecakes & custom cakes are so delicate that we currently do NOT ship them. We currently ship priority mail.

Our Products & Services

Ingredients used We currently use a variety of premium and pure products. These products include milk, cage-free eggs, fresh fruit, sugar, flour, real butter, and more. We also work with local farmers when in season.

Dairy-Free or Gluten-Free?  We currently only have products that contain dairy. We do NOT offer sugar-free products but this is something we are working hard to produce. At this time, we haven't discovered a great recipe that would be a great addition to our team for sugar-free. As of September 2022, we have introduced Handsome 2.0, which is our Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip cookie. We have more to come.

Vegan? We are currently experimenting with Vegan options. We will keep you updated when this will come out. Stay tuned it's sooner than you think!

Any Nuts in our product?  We do use a facility that is NOT nut-free. It would NOT be wise for ANYONE to place an order with severe allergies, it is HIGHLY recommended NOT to. We haven't found a way to accommodate severe allergies at this time.

Cost: 6 oz Cookies are sold in packs of 3,6 &12 count. Catering: We offer 2oz cookies and there is a minimum of 5 dozen.  Cakes are custom to our client's desire,
please give us a call at (234) 410-0417 for more information.

Dessert Table: Dessert menu coming soon! These items have a minimum purchase. 


Refund & Cancellation Policy

What is our cancellation Policy? 

  • If a deposit was made for custom cake orders we will NOT refund that money back however we are willing to use the funds for the future, if the clients chooses to place an  order within 30 days of client making the cancellation.

  • A 7 day advancement is recommended for ALL cancellations.

  • Cookie orders are paid in full at the time of placing the order and will NOT be refunded and the payment will NOT be used for future orders.

  • Please have a written notice of cancellation sent via email:

** We carve out time and have to turn away other clients to fulfill your order when you are booking with us. When canceling with us, it costs us money and time spent creating your desserts.

Returning perishables Returning perishables is something we do NOT accept. If we are at fault for damaged good we will take full accountability. To avoid this we do require a signed contract for all delivered cakes to be signed by the client or person responsible to accept the cake upon delivery. Once the desserts leave our facility we are not responsible for damaged goods (that does include any cookies shipped through our shipping services).

Booking & Deposit

How to book? Booking your custom cake is special! We love for you to give us a call at (234) 410-0417 so we can get it right.
What's the deposit? For ALL custom cake orders, we require a 50% retainer fee, that is nonrefundable. ONLY when this retainer fee is received holds your date.

                                                    Thank you for choosing Sweet Sadie's Desserts to compliment your sweet tooth!

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