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Elevating your Sweet Tooth

Have a sweet table? We have everything you need. Choose from our variety of sweets for any occasion. We have a large selection for your special day.

Our Sweet Treat Packages
TreatsONLY packages

 Sweet Treats Menu

Our sweet treats are hand dipped in the finest chocolate or candy-coated colored melts.
Minimum of 2 dozen each treat.

  • Jumbo Marshmallow

  • Wafers

  • Suckers

  • Popcorn

  • Sourdough pretzel knots

  • Caramel-Wrap PretzelsPretzel Knots

  • Rice Krispy Treats

  • Glam Donuts

  • CakepopsCakesicles, Cake Stacks

  • Strawberries

  • Oreo's

*Included in the package

 Sweet Treats 

Add  On's

  • Candy Apples

  • Chocolate-Carmel covered Apple

  • Ice cookies

  • Fondant toppers

  • Macaroons

  • Cheesecake shooters

  • Cut-out rice crispy treats with fondant topper

  • Cut-out rice crispy treats with butter-cream 

  • Edible images

*Starting at $48 a dozen

Our sweet treats can be custom to the party theme.
Minimum of 1 dozen each treat.

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